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How are Wee Forest Folk made?

Wee Forest Folk® is a small family business in Massachusetts that delights in producing a line of miniatures, most of which are mice! Wee Forest Folk has been creating these enchanting little works of art for over 46 years!

A Wee Forest Folk mouse begins as an original clay piece which is hand sculpted by one of three sculptors in the Petersen family. The finished sculpture is molded and hand cast at the "mouse factory" in Carlisle, MA. Carefully selected artists flawlessly paint each one by hand bringing to life a sweet little mouse personality. Wee Forest Folk began as a cottage industry in 1972 and it continues to this day.

What does it mean for a piece to be retired?

When Wee Forest Folk retires a piece, it means it will never be produced again at our factory. We produced this piece until we decided there were enough made and then ended its production so we have room for new pieces and preserves the value of the retired piece. Any pieces still for sale are part of the initial run. If you own this piece, it becomes one of the only of these ever made.  

What is the difference between "Limited" and "Retired?"

When Wee Forest Folk creates a limited piece, we set a limit at which we will stop production, this number is lower to what we will usually produce before we retire a piece.

How do I clean my Wee Forest Folk pieces?

Use a soft dry cloth along with a slightly damp q-tip to clean the nooks and crannies, especially the eyes.

My Wee Forest Folk piece is broken. How can I get it repaired?

Repairs: Dr. Phay (pronounced Phi) has worked for the Petersens since 1990 and will do an excellent repair on your Wee Forest Folk. You can send your pieces to:

Phay Hau
210 School St.
Acton, MA 01720
(978) 549-5167 cell
Mon-Fri 3-7pm
Sat-Sun 12-6pm EST

He will respond with an estimate and will begin the repair process after receiving your okay. Please be patient as he works full time at the factory and does the repairs outside of work hours. You will be very pleased with his professional work!

How do I know what year my piece was sculpted, or who sculpted it?

On the bottom of each Wee Forest Folk piece, you'll find a gold sticker that says "Wee Forest Folk". You'll also see a separate sticker which says it's copyright date and the name of the sculptor (Annette Petersen, Bonnie Petersen, Donna Petersen, or William Petersen). You'll also find the initials of the scupltor signed on the bottom of each piece (AP, BP, DP, or WP). This is how you know you have an authentic handmade Wee Forest Folk piece.